When should I arrive at the spa?

Please plan on arriving to the spa 30 minutes before your appointment starts in order for you to have the most benefit from your spa treatment. It should be noted that you will have consent forms to sign. Please reserve this time to change into spa attire.

Your Client Information Forms should already be filled out 24 hours before your service time. This will expedite your service consultation.

Once you have signed in with concierge, you will be free to use the spa’s facilities included in your spa treatment and membership package. Please make sure you are in the designated waiting area at least 15 minutes before the treatment time in order to finish your consultation with your spa provider. Being late could lead to your appointment being rescheduled for much later in the day or completely rescheduled for a different day, depending on the amount of services scheduled at the spa for that day.

What Considerations Should I Remember?

Come to your spa treatment with a clean, makeup free face or freshly showered.

Do not shave or wax right before your spa treatment. Shaving or Waxing within 24 hours of your treatment could be the cause of the treatment irritating your skin with too much exfoliation.

You are allowed to use the bathroom during your treatment but, it will affect the continuity of your therapist. So, make sure you are ready for your treatment without any interruptions.

What about Cell Phone or Electronic Device usage?

The use of cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited by a vast majority of spas and The Avalon Day Spa is no different. We strongly urge you to leave your phone in your locker with the ringer on silent.

If you must take your phone, do not attempt to use your phone during a service. This is dangerous during a service and the service provider has a right to stop the service and reschedule if she/he feels that continuing the service could cause an incident. The Avalon Day Spa believes that a spa should offer sanctuary; somewhere to escape from the world and relax. We ask that you please be mindful of our practices and others in the spa who are there for a quiet, healthy experience.

Can I choose the sex of my service provider? 

Many spas will allow their guests to select the sex of the service providers performing their treatments to make them more comfortable. It is important to call the spa ahead of your visit if you do not have a preference to ensure availability.

Please note there may be a limited number of service providers who may be able to preform certain treatments so please call ahead and inquire if there is a particular service provider that you feel like requesting or have had a positive past experience.