Coming March 2023

Cold Stone Facial

Estimated 60 Minutes Treatment Time

How can cold stone facials help with this?

A cold stone facial uses an approach from three sides. Aromatherapy, Massage Elements and Cold Stones are all used in this treatment to relieve migraine pain, muscle pain,

For example, if the client knows the migraine is the result of stress, try using essential oils of clary sage, spikenard, helichrysum and lavender. For an environmental trigger, you might try roman chamomile, lavender, peppermint and rosemary. 

After choosing an oil, you’ll want to perform a series of headache point release techniques to help the client reach a calmer state. As a caution, you do not want to increase the blood flow to the neck and head, as doing so may result in accelerating the migraine pain. You may find that clients who are suffering from a migraine have several trigger points and very tight necks, and although not working on these areas sounds counterintuitive, the best thing to do is leave these areas alone for now.

Instead, the goal is to decrease blood flow, and stimulating these areas at this point can have the opposite effect. My research has shown that cranial sacral techniques are a wonderful accompaniment at this point in the treatment. After the headache is gone, at another treatment time, I suggest the therapist work the tight areas to help prevent future headaches.

The third phase is to address the vascular component of the migraine. The therapist will need to try to reduce the overabundant blood flow to the head and brain with cold stones, thereby normalizing the blood flow. In doing so, the therapist will be reducing or removing the pounding sensation the client is experiencing in their head while helping to calm the brain. My own experience suggests that positioning specifically designed marble stones, cooled to approximately 36 degrees and applied to specific areas of the face and neck, has the desired effect. Many migraine sufferers love the feeling of the cold stones, and within a short amount of time start to feel relief.