European Facial $65.00 – $85.00

Estimate 50 or 80 minute treatment time

European Facials are known for deep cleansing and heavy massage elements. They provide the ultimate relaxing experience.

European Facials include skin analysis, face mapping, deep double cleanse, exfoliation, steam treatment and hot compress towels, a custom blended masque, adjust pH level with toner, multiple targeted serums, moisturizer and SPF.

The massage elements in this facial are by a certified practitioner who are trained in European, Viennese and Shiatsu style massage techniques from a CIDESCO certified trainer, as well as being trained in Biodynamic Lymphatic Drainage. The practitioner will preform massage techniques that _____. Also included in this service is a shoulder, arm and hand massage.

Types of Massage Techniques That May Be Included in Your Facial and Benefits:

Shiatsu Facial Massage

This massage is a Japanese inspired technique, where pressure is applied to pressure points to release muscle tension and stress. The practitioner will use customized blended serums and apply pressure to a pattern of pressure points using a light inward pressure. There are many benefits to this technique including:

  • Stimulates all meridian points on the face
  • Assists in providing relaxation
  • Improves blood flow, resulting in improved skin tone and glow
  • Helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, and tension headaches
  • Assists in relaxing facial and eye muscles, tensions in neck muscles and eyestrain
  • Improvement in firming jawline, jowls, and neck while reducing dark circles under the eyes

Bio-Dynamic Drainage

Biodynamic Lymphatic Drainage is a  technique of boosting the vitality of  the immune system through a series of palpations which assist with the movement the lymphatic fluid to lymph nodes and the terminus. Inside a facial it will provide an immediate under glow to the skin, induce profound relaxation, and increase the wellness of the immune system. Benefits also include:

  • Reduction of swelling
  • Reduction of dark circles under eyes
  • Brighter Complexion
  • Expedited healing of blemishes
  • Assists in providing relaxation

European Style Facial Massage

These massage techniques are truly set apart from the American definition with classic steps. European standards of facial massage work with organized movement in continuity.

What is CIDESCO?

The most prestigious qualification for beauty professionals is the certifications by the Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie—CIDESCO.

Founded over 65 years ago and based in Switzerland, CIDESCO is the world’s premiere spa and beauty certification authority. CIDESCO sets the world-wide standard for the training of beauty therapists as an international trade organization with affiliates in 33 countries. Those seeking to enter the upper echelons of the craft need 1500 hours of instruction at a CIDESCO accredited institution and then sit for the CIDESCO international examination.

Recognized worldwide, the CIDESCO diploma tells both prospective employers and clients that the recipient has undergone extensive hands-on training with top instructors in the field, and that they are committed to providing the best possible treatment in accordance with the highest standards in our industry.