Jasmine Rice Buff with Oriental Spice Wrap $125.00

Estimated 90 minutes treatment time

Designed For Dry, Sensitive Skin

This treatment begins with a scrub made out of organic coconut oils that contain Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids that assist in smoothing skin while relieving dry skin. The Organic Jasmine contains antioxidants, natural oils and antiseptic properties to assist in fading scars and stretch marks while protecting skin from free-radicals.

The treatment continues with a clay-based mask that deeply nourishes while drawing out impurities. Formulated with certified organic ingredients including Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Cucumber Extract, and Green Tea to hydrate for radiant, healthy skin. The mask is removed with warm steamed towels so the heat can further promote deep relaxation and reduce muscle tension.

The treatment ends with a oriental spice wrap to leave your skin deeply moisturized and radiant. Formulated with certified organic ingredients such as Argan Oil from Morocco, Olive Oil, Kelp Extract, Lemon Extract, anti-oxidants and Vitamins. This decadent oriental spice wrap features a blend of jasmine, coconut, red mandarin, Japanese cypress/ Hinoki, sandalwood and clove oils. Cocooned in an aromatic blend, guests will receive a shoulder and scalp massage.

Guests are encouraged after the service to enjoy our VIP Room for relaxation with complimentary tea service.


  • Increased Circulation of Blood and Lymph
  • Unclog Pores and Help Prevent Ingrown Hairs
  • Prepares the Skin To Absorb Moisturizers More Thoroughly
  • Calming Spa Experience To Reduce Stress
This Treatment Pairs Well With:

Infrared Sauna Session – will help deeply cleanse the skin, allowing for a better perspiration

Eucalyptus Steam Bath Session- Coming Soon!

Himalayan Salt Room Session- Coming Soon!

  • Colds, Cold Sores, and Warts caused by viruses
  • Broken Skin or Rashes
  • Chemical Exfoliation That Day
  • Active Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, or High Dose Corticosteroid Treatment
Contraindications That Could Restrict Service:
  • Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Inflamed Rosacea
  • Recent Sunburn or Prolonged Exposure To Sun That Day
  • If you have Shaved Within the last 24 Hours
  • Recent Scar Tissue (Within the last 6 Weeks)
  • Pregnancy
Post Care:
  • For —, Avoid Waxing or Sugaring